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Indonesia is a country with abundant of artisanship, from architecture to fashion, from sculpture to jewelry. Even from the perspective of the world, Indonesia’s art is unique, thus captivate many international art enthusiasts. Its characteristic influenced by more than 300 ethnic groups and foreign exposures through centuries.

Having vast experience as jewelry consultant for more than 20 years we understood that Indonesian jewelries has unique place in their people’s life. Jewelries are not just fashion statement, but also a part of of the local’s life, such as traditions for birth, marriage, and in some ethnic groups, death. Those are proof that artistry in Indonesia such as jewelries are deeply connected to their cultural root. Yet, there are not a lot of renowned Indonesian jewelry contemporary artisans.

Arts born from collaboration is the motto that we hold. We believe everyone have artistry flair, but only some are able to materialize it. We want to become such media for artists to give birth their art by collaborating others.

Using our expertise in jewelries, we wish to redefine Indonesian jewelries from craft product to arts by introducing local craftsmen into artisans